Deirdre Breen is a designer and printmaker based in Dublin, Ireland.


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Equinox is a celestial celebration of the Vernal & Autumnal equinoxes where night and day are the same length. Inspired by sacred geometry and and bold forms, it is an abstract representation of this astronomical event. It's the first print in The Celestial Series.

Equinox is an A3 hand-pulled 3 colour screenprint printed in primary yellow, dark teal and silver on Munken Lynx 300gsm uncoated paper.

The Celestial Series are hand-pulled using water-based inks in Damn Fine Print Studio, Stoneybatter, Dublin. They are sold unframed, wrapped in acid free paper and packaged in a plastic sleeve and a reinforced A3 envelope.

Limited edition of 20.
Signed by the artist.

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